Penguin Translations


I have obtained permission to translate Selfish Alice and a Hundred Year War into English. The translation is being done through github, so you can check it out on my repository if you're interested.


For the past couple weeks, I've been helping ScummVM with their English translation of the German adventure game for DOS, Mission Supernova.

The game is free, and is available from the website of the game's creator. However, the ScummVM engine is not quite ready for public consumption. If you are technically inclined you can compile the work-in-progress engine for yourself from the Github repository, as the first episode is now completable in English.

If you do compile the source, keep in mind that you'll need the supernova.dat file. It contains all of the game's text in German and English. It can be compiled from the source in the devtools/create_supernova directory.


This year is the 15th anniversary of Penguin Translations!

So, in honor of the occasion, patch version 1.013 of Penguin Kun Wars for the Famicom has been released. The title of most updated title screen patch in history had to be maintained. :P

As Spinner8's patch was unofficial, it was originally intended to be patched on top of the Penguin Translation patch. This meant that the game had to be patched twice. This patch integrates the two patches together to simplify things. So, now Spinner8's patch is officially official. :P

As all previous versions of the patch other than Spinner8's patch messed up the game on modern emulators, and Spinner8's unofficial patch required the game to be patched twice, older patches are no longer included here, and it's recommended to use the newest patch (unless you already applied patch 1.012 and Spinner8's 1.012+ patch, as this patch doesn't change anything, it just simplifies the process).

You can download patch version 1.013 here.


Spinner8 from has fixed the Penguin Kun Wars patch and released it as version 1.012+. The patch used to mess up the games in most modern emulators. With Spinner8's fixed patch, it no longer does that.

This fixed patch is to be applied on top of patch version 1.012.


Penguin Translations has returned with version 1.012 of the most updated title screen translation in history. ;)

When I released 1.011, way back when, someone pointed out that the title was in fact Penguin Kun Wars. As this is the way that the game is named in the all-english arcade version, I decided to redo the title screen once again. :P

There will be a new project announced soon - something a bit more challenging than "Penguin Kun Wars", and it may or may not include penguins. :)

Stay tuned.


Version 1.011 of Penguin Wars for Famicom is here. This version has a much nicer Title Screen


Version 1.01 of Penguin Wars for Famicom is here. It fixed a bug where the game would freeze when you reach the Whack-A-Mole bonus round after round 2.


I have now officially joined the translation scene :)

This is a patch for Penguin Wars for the Famicom. It is 100% complete as the only japanese from it came from the title screen (thanks for the idea InVerse :)

Actually, I came upon this ROM by accident. I was looking for Penguin Dream Story, and downloaded this one thinking that was it.

This is a neat little game, it is actually many games in one (Pong/Air Hockey, and Whack-A-Mole - for as far as I got).

This game translates the one word in the title screen, as well as fixing some annoying mistranslated English. You Get A Set is now You Won A Set.